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       Benin , Togo, Ghana (5)

       Cameroon (6)

       Central Africa Rep





       Congo (Zaire) D.R of Congo

       East Africa



       El Salvador

       Ethiopia (4)



       Guyana (5)


       Indonesia (3)


       Madagascar (34)



       Mozambique (1)


       Niger (2)


       Paraguay (31)



       Solomon Is








Wholesale Dealer

Over 30 years of servicing the trade
If you are a importer, wholesaler jobbers, distributors, pet stores, collectors or breeder we can help you:

  • No need to take the risk of importing on your own
  • No need to have a import license
  • No need to have to order large shipments
  • You can place a larger full order or smaller order of only 1 or 2 boxes.

Global Tropical Reptiles is a direct importer of reptiles from around the WORLD. We sell only wholesale to the trade. By purchasing from us you have the benefits of direct import volume pricing but not the worries, trouble or import license necessary to import on your own. Also you can place a much smaller order just one box is required. Your order will be packed especially for you at the country of origin and sent to Miami Florida and after clearing US FISH & WILDLIFE your order will be sent direct to you.

If you are passing your orders on to another client, we can pack a separate box especially to fit your orders. You must however order each country separately. Example: if you need Madagascar and Ghana reptiles they will not be shipped at the same time or in the same box. We pack and ship from the country of origin thus you would receive a separate box (s) from each country.

Since the reptiles are not always stocked you can order a wish list and we will do our best to fulfill you order in full. However, please keep in mind that some reptiles are seasonal or just difficult to find. Rest assured we would always try very hard to get your complete order. Please note that it will take from 2 to 6 weeks for delivery so allow yourself plenty of time so you do not run out of inventory. Some delays many are due to the time needed to obtain documents (cites) or trapping or just the availability of some species. Also note: everything you order may or may not be available due to the time of the year (season) or, quota availability or weather conditions.

The pricing on this site my or may not be the final price. Some special pricing or discounts may apply. Once we receive our order we will try to get you the best prices based on your order and size of order. Once we receive your order we can give you exact prices and time of delivery. Global Reptiles will give you the best possible pricing.

Credit: You must be a re-approved existing customer to receive credit. We do not offer credit to any new customers. Any credit terms must be set up and approved in advance. In some cases a deposit may be required.

Call: 303-777-5157 or e-mail me today so we can discuss your needs.

GLOBAL TROPICAL IMPORTS Richard Stubbs (303) 777-5157 email : richards77@pcisys.net
or contact Jim in sales e-mail : globaltropical@earthlink.net

European customers
Please contact :

Sacha Heppener
TEL : 31-70-3559799 / 31-70-3585618
FAX : 31-70-35-222-69
Email : sacha@reptilia.nl
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